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AIRING 27 February, 2021, in Richmond, El Cerrito, San Pablo, etc. CA, USA.

Hershell West working on a mural

AIRING: 27 February, 2021 at 8pm, over KCRT TV in Richmond, El Cerrito, San Pablo, etc.CA, USA.

--on Comcast ch. 28 and AT&T U-verse ch. 99. It will also screen live at that time over KCRT.com

--Further airings will take place over CCTV, the television station of Contra Costa County, CA; BETV, the television station of Berkeley, CA; KTOP, the television station of Oakland, CA; TVCTV, the television station of Portland, OR; and others. For dates and times go here: LINK After clicking on the link, you may have to go to the bottom of your screen to click on the scheduling document to get it to open.

The photo to the left shows artist Hershell West sitting on scaffolding as he works on a mural. His is an inspiring story which reaches well beyond him as an individual. For example, we see how a black man born and raised in the segregated South could overcome obstacles to achieve his goals. The documentary also illustrates the importance of public art, of art education and of arts advocacy - plus West has some inspiring and pointed stories about teaching at-risk youth. At the end of the day, the documentary shows some of the possibilities open to an artist who wants to make a difference.

MORE INFO: info@palominopro.com.


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