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SCREENING June 14, noon, San Francisco

Hershell West working on a mural

SCREENING: 14 June 2019 (Friday) at noon, as part of the San Francisco Black Film Festival.

The screening will be held in the Nia Room of the African American Art & Culture Center (San Francisco, CA, USA).

The photo to the left shows artist Hershell West sitting on scaffolding to work on a mural. The telling of his story is intended to inspire. The documentary has three principal themes: -1- how a black man can overcome obstacles to achieve his goals; -2- the importance of public art, art education and arts advocacy; and -3- the possibilities open to an artist who does not achieve the fame of a Picasso or a Jackson Pollack.

The documentary is particularly appropriate for university and college Art plus African-American Studies Departments; for local arts groups, art centers, and public libraries; and for local organizations focused on the achievements of African-Americans.

MORE INFO about the screening: info@palominopro.com OR San Francisco Black Film Festival: Friday.


• Pinole Public Library (Feb. 2019) - Pinole, CA., USA

• Albany Public Library (Nov. 2018) - Albany, CA., USA

• Richmond Public Library (June 2018) - Richmond, CA., USA

• Black International Cinema, Berlin (May 2018) - Berlin, GERMANY - PRIZE: BEST VIDEO/FILM in the FINE ARTS CATEGORY

• Festival International du Film PanAfricain (April 2018) - Cannes, FRANCE

The rough cut of the documentary aired over several cable stations in northern California, as well as in Portland, Oregon.